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Drop the self-judgement, guilt, fear, perfectionism and procrastination

Live In Your Element

Do you also have days,
when you feel all the
not good enoughnesses??

Not good



Don't have



Not doing


Isn't it time to believe in yourself

and gift yourself the feeling of worthiness?

When you isolate yourself

by feeling like no one can ever fully understand you,

you're blocking yourself

from being able to truly connect and reach out.

When you measure yourself with others

and become super judgemental,

you're stopping yourself

from seeing the good in things.

When you choose to not do the things

that you know will get you closer to where you wanna be,

you're disempowering yourself

and shutting down your will and ability to act.

5 Element theory
of Traditional Chinese Medicine
has a beautiful way of explaining
yourself to yourself using the concept of CHI.

Chi is a term to describe the force
behind everyone and everything.
And the 5 elements are used to describe
the different phases of it.
In this 5-Day challenge
you'll open the door to knowing yourself
like never before.
Each day you will harmonise a different aspect of yourself,
and learn how to get back into balance regularly.
Tree Lined Park



Governs your

tendons and

menstrual cycle




Governs your

Cardiovascular system

Red Mountain



Governs your

muscels and

digestive system

Stainless Steel



Governs your respiratory and

immune systems




Governs your

bones and

reproductive system

Any signs and symptoms you may be experiencing
are caused by imbalances in the 5 elements.

When you learn how to free the flow of Chi in the 5 elements,
life becomes much easier.

Join this challenge to learn HOW to influence the forces that influence your body, your life and your well-being.
Your dis-EASE is not your fault
The smooth Chi flow is your responsibility.
Finally, you can stop beating yourself up
for not being, doing or having enough.

I created this challenge to remind you that you are perfect just as you are.

When things are not going well for you,

or you have some health issues,

all you gotta do is tend to

the flow of Chi in your body.


The 5 elements give you a clear map of understanding where the flow is contracted.

Hi Miri
Join this 5-Day challenge
to LIVE in your element.
Each day you'll receive a video explaining the element of the day
and how it affects your life.

You'll get a clear understanding of how each type of elemental energy
looks like at it's best 
in your body
and how it manifests when it's being obstructed.

You'll learn different ways to soothe each type of energy
and practice a very simple movement from the world of Qi Gong
*Mindful movement based practice to nourish, strengthen and un-block your life force energy
During this 5-Day challenge
you will regulate the Chi
in all 5 elements.
This will affect your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

When your Chi flows smoothly,
your bodily organs and systems perform at their best.

Cells can repair themselves, tissues can heal
and your organs can function properly.
Ready to get closer to achieving your dreams?

Step into your element

and experience the flow.

Stop holding yourself back!
You are worthy.

Join us xx
With love, 
For any question,
write me a message

Thanks for submitting!

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