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Women's Happiness Project

Is for women who want to explore

what makes them feel better

so they could stand in their power

while connecting with other women who are doing the same.

How would it feel like

to be surrounded by strong women who see you as you are?

To not apologise or dim your light. To not try and rescue others all the time?

How would it feel like to allow yourself to feel what you're feeling


to allow yourself to be seen as vulnerable?


You are a strong, powerful women

And we are here to take radical responsibility.

For our own choices

and for the world around us.

You deserve to have desires.

You deserve to feel safe.

It is OK to not be OK.

AND it is OK to be more then f@#&ing OK.



in your body

and in your life.


I'm Miri

A mum, wife, friend, teacher and I believe that we’re happier, stronger

and way more powerful together.


My background

is in yoga and Chinese medicine and I’m here to remind you that you have control over your own well-being.


Take good care of yourself,

so you're able to care for others better.


A mother of 3

And a natural birther

Traditional Chinese Medicine graduate

With 2 years internship

in Chengdu, China


Qi Gong instructor


Moving meditation,
self-love and self-healing

(since 2009)

Holistic Well-Being

Coach / guide

Yoga teacher

Certified Ashtanga
Vinyasa yoga instructor
(since 2009)

With a deep desire

to uplift and inspire you
to believe in yourself
and live the life of
your dreams

Sign up to find out

What lights you up

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