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A 5-week journey
to nourish yourself
before you hit

There's SO MUCH you wanna do
but you feel stuck.
Stressed Woman

Are you always

too busy?

GIrl Running

Do you have

un-real expectations?

Strong Woman

How long can you

keep it up?

How long will you keep

beating yourself up?

For not doing or being enough?

Headaches, depression, mood-swings, upset stomach, joint pain, trouble sleeping, negative mind, overwhelm, rushing, lack of purpose, lack of joy...

These are all symptoms of imbalance
And they're telling you to SLOW DOWN
and do something different.
According to Traditional Chinese Medicine,
the imbalance is in the natural flow of Chi in your body.

Chi is the life force energy that drives all movements, changes and functions in nature - and in your body.
It needs to be in harmony
for you to be healthy.
It's never too late
to restore the balance in your body.
When the Chi is flowing smoothly and without obstructions,
you feel happy, content, vital and resourced.
You finally feel GOOD ENOUGH.
Tree Lined Park



Governs your

tendons and

menstrual cycle




Governs your

Cardiovascular system

Red Mountain



Governs your

muscels and

digestive system

Stainless Steel



Governs your respiratory and

immune systems




Governs your

bones and

reproductive system

Any signs and symptoms you may be experiencing
are caused by imbalances in the 5 elements.


And health requires harmony between all of them.

Every day of this 5-week course
you will gift yourself a break.

Time and space
for regulating your emotions
and nervous system
using your breath, movement
and 5 senses.


Register now to learn how to nourish, soothe and invigorate
the power within YOU.

Give yourself the love that you deserve, and finally feel that
you are ENOUGH.
Your dis-EASE is not your fault
The smooth Chi flow is your responsibility.

I created a 5-day challenge to remind you that you are perfect just as you are. Click here for the deets

When you register for THIS 5 week course, you will receive the 5-day challenge as a bonus, so that you can get started and prepare for this heart lifting, life changing journey.


The 5 elements give you a clear map of understanding where the flow is being contracted.

When you feel in balance,
you get to enjoy life so much more.
Things that used to feel HARD
feel more easy because the flow is not blocked.
What's included in the 5 week course?

5 X 1 hour live group calls

We meet once a week to explore each element.

It's also good time for questions.

It'll be recorded for you and available to watch at any time.

Live In Your Element

Get immediate access to this mini course to learn about the elements

and get an understanding of the flow of Chi in your own body.

Click Here for more details

5 X 5 minute daily practices

Each week you'll receive 5 reminders to nourish the element of the week using one of the 5 senses.

Spend 5 minutes every day loving yourself through your senses.

A private group space

We connect in the Spaces for WIX app, in a private group designated for this special journey.

Create meaningful relationships, and practice being seen for real.

5 X 20 minute Qi Gong*

Each week we will practice Qi Gong together.

The recording will be available for you as an easy tool to use for balancing your 5 elements.

And more

You know me, there are always bonuses coming your way ;-)

Chi-Yoga is one,

Understanding your menstruation cycle is another. Join us to find out more xx

*Mindful movement based practice to nourish, strengthen and un-block your life force energy
Finding balance in these times
we are living today

is THE KEY that you've been looking for
I'm so excited to take you on this journey towards FEELING AMAZING!!

I know what it's like to feels like everything is working against you. Like it doesn't matter how hard you try, you still end up disappointing yourself. 

Today I know that the way I feel MATTERS. That the universe is always supporting me and that I am worthy.

This course is your way to feeling loved.
Through mindfulness, nutrition, movement, compassion and regular self-love practices.

With love,

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