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Want to get un-stuck
and stop judging yourself so harshly?

The easiest way to feel good in your body, optimise your weight, have the energy you need and feel confident and joy in your heart is to follow a proven system that nourishes each and every part of YOU.

I know how it feels...

You know what you need to do, but for some reason, you're just not doing it! Now, after years of trying to figure it out on your own, it's time for you to break free from the cycle. It's not your fault. In The Elemental Self-Care System I'll give you the steps you need to do to move forward and finally create the life that you've been waiting for.


It's time for you to identify your needs
and feel satisfied with your body and in your life

without making huge changes to your day-to-day life.


When you isolate yourself

by feeling like no one can ever fully understand you,

you're blocking yourself

from being able to truly connect and reach out.

When you measure yourself with others

and become super judgemental,

you're stopping yourself

from seeing the good in things.

When you choose to not do the things

that you know will get you closer to where you wanna be,

you're disempowering yourself

and shutting down your will and ability to act.

It is time to believe in yourself

and gift yourself the feeling of worthiness.

What if you could finally stop wasting your precious time...

What if you could enjoy your daily life and stop beating up on yourself for not doing enough?

What if you could learn EXACTLY how to boost your energy, build your confidence and BE content with your body, your relationship and your career?


Be Inspired

Believe in yourself and gift yourself the feeling of worthiness. Find Joy, Peace, Flow, Clarity and Love.


Become Empowered

Drop the self-judgement, guilt, fear, perfectionism and procrastination.

Learn to trust yourself.

Find Your Tribe

Join a circle of strong caring women who are willing to care for themselves first so that they can fully show up for others.

Release the Past

Your dis-EASE is not your fault but the smooth flow of your energy is your responsibility.


Sure. There are hundreds of ways that you could figure this out on your own...

The truth is, most people get stuck
in the exact same place.

The easiest way to feel good in your body, optimise your weight, have the energy you need and feel confident and joy in your heart is to follow a proven system that nourishes each and every part of YOU.

Which is why I'm on a mission to help women like you...

According to the 5 Element theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine,

Any signs and symptoms you are experiencing (physical, mental and emotional) are caused by disharmony of the flow of your life force energy.

When you learn how to free the flow of your life force energy in the 5 elements, your life becomes much easier.

This is for YOU if...

YOU WANT TO... Feel good in your body. Optimise your weight, sleep better, have more energy for play AND feel joy in your heart.

YOU'RE TIRED OF... Feeling bloated, cranky, tired, moody and beating up on yourself for not doing enough, having enough or being enough.

YOU DREAM OF... Feeling satisfied in your body, your relationships and your career. You deserve to feel satisfied in your life.

YOU'RE READY TO... Prioritise your health and well-being and gift yourself the time and attention that you need. It doesn't need to be a lot of time, just enough to feel better.

No more staying stuck or figuring it all out on your own.

You were not meant to walk this path alone...

Open the door to getting to know yourself better.
Harmonise all aspects of YOU and learn how to get back in balance regularly.
Then, you'll be able to open your heart to receiving all the love that is already here fo you.
Join our community of strong, caring women who will support you in following your dreams.


The Elemental Self-Care System

12 week program

THE (1).png
THE (2).png
THE (1).png

This will give you the exact, step-by-step-roadmap for feeling good in your body, sleeping better and having more energy without giving up all your favourite foods or making huge changes to your every day life.

What's Included

Step-by-Step Video Lessons

Short, easy to digest video lessons taking you through the 5 elements of TCM and your sense organs.

3 x 1:1 private coaching sessions

Private coaching sessions to trouble shoot whatever's going on for you, with your individual needs.

Weekly LIVE Q&A Sessions

Connect with our community of strong caring women weekly during the 12 week program and support each other.


Printable Workbook

A beautiful downloadable and printable workbook full with information, tips and journaling prompts to help you on your journey.

Private Facebook Support Group

You don't need to be on this journey by yourself. In fact, you'll get better results when you participate in a group you love.

Here's an Insiders Look at What You'll Learn:


Module 7:

Find LOVE through the Fire Element


Module 2:

The 5 Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine

PLUS, You'll Also Get Access to...


Course Videos

THE (5).png


Short video lessons taking you through the 5 elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine so that you can finally understand yourself and identify your needs.


Course Workbook

THE (10).png

A beautiful printable workbook to follow together with the video lessons, guiding you through your sense organs to get curious about what YOU need.



Live Q&A Calls

THE (6).png

Weekly group coaching, accountability and mindset calls to dive deeper into the lessons, share your AHA moments and get extra support and connection.



3 Private Coaching Calls

THE (7).png


You get 3 1:1 coaching calls during the 12 week program to explore YOUR specific needs, understand YOUR body constitution and troubleshoot your personal blocks.


Just imagine what it
will feel like when...

Your digestive system is in balance and you feel good after you eat, rather then bloated or lethargic

Your immune system is strong and you don't catch each and every bug that goes around

Your hormones are balanced and you feel confident rather then depleted

Your menstrual cycle is in harmony and you don't feel like a kuku every month

Your heart is open for connection and you feel loved, safe and abundant in your life

Sounds AMAZING, Let's do this!


THE (8).png

Short Video Training Lessons

Easy to digest lessons followed by prompts to take regular simple actions

Recorded Qi-Gong Practices

Easy to follow breath movement practices designed to free up your life force energy

Printable Workbook

A beautiful workbook to follow along with the lessons full of tips and journaling opportunities

Weekly LIVE Q&A Sessions

Weekly group coaching, accountability and mindset calls. Recording available.

3 Private coaching calls

During your 12 weeks in the program you get access to 3 1:1 coaching calls with Miri

Private Facebook Group

A supportive community of strong and caring women just like you

That's right. Everything you need to finally feel strong, vital and full of beans in YOUR body!

What Students Are Saying..


Miri’s practices has become the cornerstones of my daily routine for improved digestion and elimination. I love how she makes these techniques so accessible, simple, and inspiring to incorporate into my everyday activities.

~ Aashika


As someone with a passion for natural health, it’s been a joy to expand on my existing knowledge, and be coached and learn from Miri. Her insight and knowledge of TCM, yogic philosophy, and holistic health is unmatched, and her lessons are easy-to-understand.

~ Caitlyn


I wasn't at my best. I wanted to identify my needs and express them better, both to myself and to my partner without being afraid of judgement. Now I feel good because I learned what little things to work on and when I work on it I see the results.

~ Paula


I love the meditations, qi-gong and feel so proud of myself for keeping with my morning routine. Little steps was the key for me to making big changes in my life.

~ Miri

So if you're ready to finally...

Take back control over how you feel, your energy, your weight,

your sleep, your emotions and your mood then join us now. Don't wait for the scary diagnosis before you make a change.

If you're willing to prioritise your health and well-being so that you can be at your best and stop yourself from burning out and stressing out then this is the program for you.

The Elemental Self-Care System


Learn how to nourish each and every part of YOU.

The secret is simple. Everything you experience through your senses affects you and if you want it to affect you differently, you gotta make some changes. Not all at once, that's unsustainable. One step at a time. You follow a proven system, do it in community, get the support and accountability that you NEED and you begin to feel better and better and better.


Frequently Asked Questions

Sounds AMAZING! Is this right for me?

The only way to know for sure is to book a free call with me and have a chat. This program was designed for busy women who don't want to spend all day on self-care.

What day/time are the live Q&A Calls?

At the moment our weekly group call time is Wednesdays @7pm NZT. We are flexible with times and change it up as we have women from all over the world joining the program.

How long will this take to go through?

You can take your time and spend two weeks on each element as recommended, or take it all in at once. Each video lesson is about 5-6 minutes and the Qi-Gong practices are about 30 minutes long.

Is there a money back guarantee?

There is NO money back guarantee. The program is available to you in full as soon as you sign up, including the downloadable video lessons and workbook. 

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