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I love that word. Satisfaction... And I LOVE that feeling ;-) Do YOU feel satisfied in your life? What does it even mean to you? For me it's the feeling of joy. Freedom. Being content. Knowing that in this moment right now, life is good. I LOVE eating something so delicious that makes me go mmm mm mmm... I LOVE laughing with my kids and dancing to my favourite music with them. I LOVE being intimate with Ben and ooze with joy for days afterwards. It makes me feel connected to the 'creator' of this life. To the heart and soul of the universe. Is that TMI? I don't feel it every day, but the knowing that I can, helps me to not fall into despair when crazy shit is happening.

Satisfaction is so personal, and can come from so many things. When I find it, it takes away the pressure I feel from needing to find meaning. If I asked you now, what do you want, would you be able to answer? When I find it hard to answer, I remind myself that what I *really* want is to feel good. To feel satisfied in the knowing that I'm doing ok in this life. For so many years I was feeling inadequate. I wasn't able to get satisfaction between the sheets, and I had NO IDEA how that was affecting and - affected by - everything else I was unhappy about. Seeking satisfaction in the little things, like a delicious cup of coffee or a super funny joke is helping me find more of it every day. Life is messy. It can feel hard and complicated. Finding satisfaction will help you feel loved, loving, connected, appreciated, supported, belong. I believe that satisfaction can heal our world. Can you even imagine what it would be like to live in a world full of satisfied people? So I'm asking you - what do YOU want? What types of experiences give you satisfaction? What makes you feel like 'ohhh yeah....' ;-)

Yesterday I spent some uninterrupted time building legos with my nearly 7yo middle-child cutie. I could tell that it really filled his cup. Some mummy time all to himself, being funny and creative together.

Happy kids is very satisfying to me. It puts all those pesky 'I'm not doing enough for them' thoughts to the rest . At least for a while ;-)


A great way to reflect on what's working in your life and what not so much, is to take this super quick satisfaction quiz.

You give yourself a score on a scale of 1-10 for ten aspects of your life

(10 is the most satisfied)

and you get a clear picture on what you want.

Click here to get your score (it only takes 2 minutes).

If you want anything to change in your life, you gotta start by acknowledging where you are.

With love,



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Emily Walter
Emily Walter
Nov 19, 2022

Thank you Miri this is so timely for me! Just the other day I was reflecting upon how lately I've been a little stuck in the world of, "once this is done then I'll feel satisfied/complete/fully realised etc". I caught myself doing this and noticed I was missing out on my life, right now. And that I would NEVER really find satisfaction if I kept fortifying that neural pathway of Later, Then. So I've been trying to really embrace the things I love now, even if it is a transition phase, to love the beauty that can still be found in it. I realise I AM satisfied in so many areas, especially the little routines I have, morning coffee with…

Nov 21, 2022
Replying to

Hi Emily :-) I know what you mean, sometimes I feel like 'I should know this by now'. It really helps to keep reminding yourself over and over AND OVER again ;-) Life is happening right here and now. LOVE is already here NOW xx

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