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It’s like plugging in

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Imagine you were running on life force energy called love and all you had to do to keep yourself going is plug in to the source of that.

Wouldn’t that be beautiful? I imagine it to look like a drawing of the sun shining with a huge rainbow over green and lush fields, full of flowers and bunnies and butterflies ;-)

Super kitsch, I know, but I guess it’s what I learned when I was little, watching Disney movies re what happy looks like…

Any way, in that field I feel happy and vibrant. I’m laughing and giggling and full of energy (i.e not tired at all or worried about money or my kids or the state of the world or anything)

In that field I feel refreshed.

I feel ready.

I feel like there’s no judgment. Not even self-judgment ;-)

It’s my love bubble.

And when I do the things that I LOVE doing, like dancing or love making or laughing with my kids, it feels like I’m literally plugging into that love bubble and everything else can wait.

Usually that good feeling lasts for a while but you know what? Sometimes it doesn’t and I get straight back into everything that’s annoying the heck out of me, AND IT WAS STILL WORTH IT. Because at least I got that moment where everything felt shining and bright.

When I get on my yoga mat I let myself forget about anything that's going on, and focus on what I'm doing in that moment. It helps me plug in. I always feel so. much. better afterwards.

When I sit on the meditation cushion I sometimes feel like I'm not even in my body. Like I'm directly communicating with the love that's all there is. Definitely feeling plugged in. The more I do it the easier it becomes to let go and surrender into my bubble, but I have to pass the beginning stages of feeling restless or whatever.

When I dance I feel - in the zone - and so tuned in to the flow of life. It makes me feel happy and I can feel myself giving and receiving love as I move.

It's so high on my priority list to do SOMETHING that gets me into my love bubble, even if only for a minute. Because when I’m plugged in and the light that is all there is is shining through me, I can radiate it and share it with those around me. Together we make this world shine brighter and brighter for everyone.

Do you agree?

What are your ways to tune in to the good vibes that you wanna feel? And do you prioritise them?...


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