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You deserve to feel good

Happy Spring  :-)


How are you?


Are you also excited about spring arriving??


It is time to dust off the winter blues and reignite your energy ;-)

The plants are beginning to bloom all around and I'm so excited to share with you the Women's Happiness Project's offerings for this season.


Understand Your Menstrual Cycle

Each phase of your cycle corresponds with a different type of energy, just like the seasons of the year.

In this special 1hr talk you'll learn what your body needs - and when, according to the 5 element theory.

September 14 @ 4pm NZT.

Chi - Yoga

A one of a kind workshop,

to move your body with ease, flow and a sense of connection that leaves you feeling relaxed, calm and in control.

September 20 @ 4pm NZT.

Chi Yoga Workshop.png


40 Minute Beginner Qi-Gong

Join me online for a fun weekly Qi-Gong practice.

A super simple heartfelt way to nourish yourself and feel amazing.

September 21 @ 10am NZT &

September 28 @ 10am NZT.

Spring Recharge

A free workshop about everything you must know if you want to feel your best this summer.


September 23 @ 6pm NZT.


Live in your element.png

Live In Your Element

Yes! This challenge is going live AGAIN :-)

5 days to put into action some simple, nourishing and heart opening practices, including Qi-Gong.


September 26 - 30

Find Balance Through the 5 Elements


This is for you if you're over stressed, under nourished and never have time for yourself.


The first round of this wholesome program was just beautiful. We found space for ease inside the busyness, and filled our cup. Now it can overflow with peace, love and joy to those around us.


Carving out time and space for your well being is THE key to feel better in your body and heart, AND the shortcut to feeling good about yourself and your life, while making your wildest dreams a reality.


October 3 - November 6

This is the last round for this year.

Next year this baby is turning into a 5 months program ;-)


By the way, when you sign up for the 5-week program you actually get all of these workshops (and more) as bonuses(!!) Including the 5-day challenge :-)


This program is full of nurturance for you. Qi-Gong is a beautiful tool for clarity and peace and you get to focus on what YOU need.


I hope you join us.

It's going to be an amazing spring.


We have awesome summer plans to share with our family, so I'm gonna take the summer off.


Working with the Chi and 5 elements,

noticing what affects my body and how,

and learning to love myself

have been instrumental in my ability

to receive life's abundance and pleasures.


You can live a life that feels good to YOU.


Let me know if you believe in magic. I do <3



And as always,

if you need help with your specific health challenges,

take the first step and reach out.

If you have a friend who caught 'all the bugs' this winter

and needs some self-care and energy boosting,

will you please send them the link to this page?


Thank you so much!!

Your support means a lot.


Looking forward to seeing you in the upcoming workshops :-) 



With Love,




Nothing like a refreshing green smoothie made by your 9yo to start the day on a beautiful spring's morning ;-)

Have any questions about the upcoming workshops?

Private Coaching.png

Private Coaching Offerings

One-on-one focused time for you to get clear on what you need and how to get there.

Click here to learn more

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